a b o u t

Well hello, I’m Jennifer!

In a nutshell, I write, I teach, I mommy.

I stay up too late,  I would rather eat mac + cheese, and I regularly, routinely, re-arrange. From needing to find the *right* spot for the couch, to getting my little nuggets to sleep through the night, to working with students for whom math is not yet a source of joy and inspiration. . . I am a re-piecer.

I’m the learning type, you might say, absorbing information and working to make sense of what-in-the-world is unfolding on the daily. I am so. dang. curious. about how each person pulls together their pieces, creating their own, just-right world.

The theory is, something I’ve learned along my way may be beneficial to you in your re-piecing adventures. And I know for certain I need to learn from you too! Tell me all the things.

I hope you find some laughter + some heart work in this sacred space for real life.

The ideas expressed here are my own.